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in person and online


*email is the BEST for of contact for me*

I will NOT answer phone calls or text from

people I do not know/not verified 

(even if we have met please include your name in the text to make sure I have you saved in my contacts)

Please e mail me all session/date requests and verification info in 1 email

*please allow up to 24hr for response- I answer my emails as promptly As possible. In order to maintain healthy bounderies and balanced  lifestyle I am not attached to my technology 24/7, especially if I am on a date! I am just like you in the sense that: we have responsibilities to attend to in life, that is what makes our time, that we have set aside to be together, so special: 

I ask you plan 24-48 hrs in advance for our date so I can give 110% to our time together. I appreciate you choosing me to be your guide on this journey and I want to be at my best for you. 

Please send

2 most recent provider references: website and email 

I only do verification via email

If you have: P411, or other boards send you board name or site ID

You may also use the contact/booking form on p411.

agencies are not accepted as a reference

if you are new to this and have no provider references:


No references? That's ok! Send me....

Real name

phone number

I will need your photo ID or DL

work information-phone number, website and business card

Questions about being New? check out my blog post escort advice for newbies

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*couples: both people need to be verified 

I always verify before making phone calls and reservations. I appreciate it when you thoroughly read my website before you reach out to contact me. Most questions you have about my experiences, donations and verification are clearly listed on the experience page. 

Please take your time exploring my sites. If you still want to know a little bit more about me please visit my blog


I have a retreat space available for sessions in St Petersburg. I also do out call visits to surrounding Tampa Bay Area. 

I generally book sessions between 9am and 9pm week days and weekends.

I am often booked at least 24 hours in advance, so it’s best to book as far ahead of time as possible in order to reserve the time and location you prefer. 

A deposit will be required for some sessions, all deposits are non refundable. In the rare occasion I have to cancel due to life threatening personal emergency I WILL refund deposit if we can not reschedule. If you cancel or behave inappropriately before our date NO refund will be issued. 

Deposits will be required for some dates. There are many ways you can send a deposit (online, crypto, bank transfers, gift cards, money order via snail mail)  please let me know your preferred method. 


An appointment for pleasure is also a business appointment. Please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notice of cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate 5days notice so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. If you fail to let me know within 48 hours of our confirmed session please send 50% of the donation as a cancellation acknowledgment. If its within 24 hours its 100 % of the scheduled donation

  1. (I have a mailbox and paypal you may ask for the address.,or you may send  me a gift certificate of that amount)

If you reschedule within the same 28 day period then 25% of that acknowledgment will be applied to your rescheduled appointment. If you do not reschedule within that 28 day period then  the acknowledgment is void towards our next reservation and the  usual donation will be requested.

 If you do not observe the cancellation fees and  want to plan another date in the future : you will need to make a deposit of the cancellation fee in advance,  at the time you schedule our next date. 

  I do keep track of cancellations and no-shows.  I value and respect you and your time. I ask that you value and respect me and my time as well . 

* My Rates  are not negotiable and are for time spent only. You are paying for the time you spend with me, not for any particular activity. 

Initial Contact

For your convenience I offer a few different ways to initiate a conversation with me.

  • Via Email ~

Please send all the information needed to verify you and include reservation request in ONE email. You can generally expect a response within 24-48 hours. I check my email throughout the day and respond as soon as possible. Please send all information in one email. Sending too many, unnecessary emails will result in a additional fee required in advance to secure date.

  • Via phone ~ For friends I have already spent time with or who have already been screened only.
  • **If we have not met and or you have not been verified- do NOT call or text me**

I always ask that you email me first with your references and reservation request, then we can chat on the phone after verification.  If you leave a voicemail, please remember to include when to call back and what number.  I do not respond to text or calls if I don't know who it is. **If we are established friends: call or text is acceptable.**

  • private message on P411 

Note: if you have recent provider references or are a member of p411 you do not need to include your personal work information. Work information is for new friends without other forms of verification. For your convenience and mine, you have the opportunity to expedite the booking process. Naturally, I give priority to my returning friends as well as  those who take the time send me all the requested information in the first email

I live a full and active life, just like you. It is a joy to receive any communication from you though it's not always possible to respond to ongoing emails. If you are interested in ongoing/social correspondence or sending multiple unnecessary emails ask me for my pay pal email and please send a donation. 

Regardless of how you contact me initially, I will always confirm our time  together and chat a bit via phone. I prefer to hear your voice prior to our appointment as it helps us build a connection. I look forward to speaking with you.

Important Note to Returning Clients

If we have met before, there is no need to go through my screening process. You are welcome to contact me anytime by phone, text or email to set up an reservation. However please confirm donation before my arrival via my website. It is best to double check if you can't remember to aviod miscommunications. (Please send all information in one email/text session date, time and duration requests)

Same Day Appointments- 

Advanced planning is best. If my schedule allows, same day appointments MAY be  available to established friends, you are welcome to contact me by text or email if we are established friends. I will may ask for a deposit since last minute dates require me to change my schedule for the day to accommodate you. 

If you are a new client and I am able to screen you right away, then a same day appointment MAY be possible IF I have availability. Gentlemen plan in advance so we can both be at our best and have the anticipation of our special date.

 If you have no references you will not be seen until verification is complete, this can take up to 48hrs. 


Incall right off of 275 in St Petersburg FL 

outcall Tampa Bay Area, Sarasota, St Petersburg,  Orlando, Clearwater 

If I am visiting you, I need the location in advance to plan my travel time.

Please also be aware some out calls require additional travel fees (anything over 45min, one way from my home).

I do not like to drive longer than I will be staying somewhere. Example: if my drive is 90min one way (that means 3hr round trip) I will need a date at least 3hr or you may do 2hr and pay a travel fee. You will also need to make a deposit in advance for the date, provide place; or pay the $100 extra for space to me in advance, in addition to the deposit, for me to reserve place in advance. 


Security and privacy are essential for us both to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. As an independent practitioner it's necessary for my safety and security that I verify everyone with whom I may meet. With that said, my discreet and painless screening process can be done easiest via email or P411. Your privacy is my number one priority and any information you share with me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. Both of us equally deserve privacy and safety.

my auto reply has the info needed for verification as well as listed above on the page

If you are unwilling to send your verification information please do not contact me. 

My p411 id is p53325


Please send most recent provider references board handle names and ID