Sex coaching

Mentoring and Advanced Sex Skills Classes

What do I do? 

I help people

-have better orgasms and more sex

-experience deeper connection and intimacy

-have better relationships

-solve premature ejeculation and erectile dysfunction 

-sexually express themselves, get your needs met

-feel accepted for who they are

-expand capacity for pleasure

-explore non-ordinary states of consciousness

-understand their partner and meet their partners needs

Send me an email introducing yourself and telling me how I can help:

I have coaching certifications in energy leadership business and life coaching and 2 Sex coaching certifications. Over the past 12 years I have trained/mentored with sexalogical body workers and taken numerous workshops and classes in bdsm, sexuality, spirituality and sacred sexuality/tantra, and sex coaching. I offer coaching to individuals, couples, small groups and to other SW.

What is sex coaching?

Coaching is a non medical, natural process: we asses where you are now, create your vision of hope/what you want and create a plan to achieve it.  Coaching helps to create healthier, more fulfilling lives and helps you remember who you are at the deepest essence. I will help you create and sustain authenticity, freedom of expression and successful communication. You will actually understand how to creat an epic sex life for yourself, in real life!

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or zoom. Sex coaching focuses on all things sexual: thoughts, feelings, energy, behavior patterns, arousal, expression of energy, orgasmic energy, communication, connection, education, health, relationships. I am compassionate, objective and fully present without  judgments or agendas.

Special interests and topics include but are not limited to: ED, EE, DE, dating, CNM, alternative lifestyles, arousal, tantra, multiple orgasm techniques, sober sex and dating, masturbation coaching, communicating your needs and desires, open relationships/swinging lifestyle, gender identity questions, sexual self expression, sex education,  sexual skills/technique, spirituality. 

I also offer coaching and mentoring to sex workers.

How does it work? 

Coaches uses assessments to help you clarify your goals and create actions plans to achieve your goals. Multiple sessions are encouraged, coaching is a process ask me about what package is best for you.

first send me an email to introducing yourself and briefly telling me how I can help.

Next we set up a $300 discovery call where we clairify your vision/goal; brainstorm ways to achieve it and see whats holding you back. Then if we are a good fit to work together I will tell you what options would be ideal for you. When you schedule you session/package with in 2 weeks of the call you may apply the $300 to the total coast of session/package.

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