"One of the great ways we can serve is to touch, with love." -J.Rogers

Orgasmic energy is the divine life force that flows through us and makes us alive.

Our human minds want to explain and conceptualize everything. Some things are beyond our human conception; our energy and our experiences are beyond words.the more we explore this divine orgasmic energy the greater understanding we have, we find new words, new perspectives. At times of our lives we yearn for a shift, upgrade or reboot...a redefining of ourselves. Orgasmic energy is healing and transformational for those who allow themselves to journey beyond what they all ready know to be true, this journey continues through out our lives as we venture on the GreaterTruth is revealed.

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I am Talia Amour, a multi faceted luxury companion and life coach. At first you may be drawn to me by my pictures or something you may have read. Please know that those things that first drew you to me will be come passing thoughts once we have had the opportunity to spend time together.

If you are looking for an experience beyond the usual…

Welcome to my world, a place where time and space no longer exist and discretion is paramount.

Together,  Honoring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine we will create an experience that rejuvenates your spirit and unleashes the divine energy within you.

If you can consider the possibility that...

beyond judgment and expectation there are experiences that defy words; allow yourself to share unbelievable passion and intimate moments, knowing I accept you for who you are and where you are at in this moment

I am a very spiritual person, I enjoy deep conversation and especially enjoy personal quality time behind closed doors. I like to stay up to date on current events. I enjoy reading and music.

I love to exercise and dance. I am a happy person. I do not drink alcohol or do drugs. Dancing, art, and performance are part of my passion and you may find me, at random, dancing and singing through the day, usually in full makeup and hair. I really enjoy social/cultural events, fine dining and of course the spa! I love creating experiences that could never be planned by setting aside time to be spontaneous.

I am seeking a special someone, perhaps you, to share these passionate moments with.

When unconsciously going through the motions of life are no longer fulfilling, it is time to journey further into yourself...allow me to escort you

Talia Amour

Based in Tampa, Florida. I often enjoy traveling to cities like New York, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Atlanta, New Jersey,  Boston,Chicago,Los Angeles,San Diego, Denver and Las Vegas. I love to go to the beach. You may find me in St Petersburg! Clearwater, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Sarasota, Naples or Ft Myers.



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