Desire is the essence of creation

hello I am Talia.

My pronouns are she/her. 

I am based in St Petersburg Florida 

I have always and will always, see clients of any race, gender preference,expressions or different abilities

When unconsciously going through the motions of life are no longer fulfilling, it is time to journey further into yourself

My life is my ministry

I am an advocate for pleasure!

Welcome to a place where we can dissolve time and space

experience pleasure beyond what your mind can conceive

I appreciate you taking the time to visit and read my website. 

There Is an energetic exchange that occurs in every interaction.
As human beings we all desire to be accepted for who we are, loved and valued.

We want someone to be fully present with us.
Sexuality is a space where our divine essence can be experienced

we are vulnerable with all of us, not just our physical body but our mind, emotions and our spirituality.
It is my gift to be

fully present with my clients, I see them as whole and perfectly imperfect divine beings just as they are.

Everyone is in a different place on the journey to remembering who we are on the deepest level, to embracing the wholeness of ourselves.

I meet people where they are at.
Without judgment and total acceptance.
It really takes compassion and knowing that I am, and we all are at our core unconditional love.
It said that we are made in 'the Divines'' image. If we are truly made in 'the Divines'' image then why do we pick ourselves apart and dissect our sexuality from the wholeness of our being, judge and shame ourselves and each other?

If we are truly made in 'the Divines'' image and sexuality is part of the wholeness of our being it is also divine.

I am a happy person who sees the glass as half full. I have a naturally passionate attitude towards life and all it's mysteries.
I have studied and practiced tantra of over 12 years,

studied sexology, sex coaching and bodywork modalities

immersed myself in the world of BDSM, (I am a Sensual Dom) 

I love the phrase Kinky Tantra!

I have enjoyed blending gfe, bdsm and tantra practices for a intense altered state of consciousness experience! 

I have a Twitter @talia_amour you can watch to get to know me

Talia Amour

Mentorship and Advanced Experiences:

twitter: @talia_amour

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